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What I’ve been up to

Happy Easter! It’s such a wonderful time to rejoice in life and God’s graces and blessings!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA and have been posting so sporadically. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Celebrating Easter!
Doing a lot of this especially in light of Divine Mercy Sunday, the Beatification of the now Blessed John Paul II, and May, the month dedicated to Mary.
Celebrating weddings!
Getting my hair chopped off.
Spring Cleaning… inside AND outside (no judging).
Having bonfires (Yes, it’s still chilly around here, plus had to burn that Christmas tree…)
Trying to go back to my Argentinian roots:  Wannabe-be-choripan (but really Italian sausage) with real-deal chimichurri (porteno style!)
Taking LOTS of road trips (IN, MS, WI, OK, OH, MN).
AND even thrifting on the road trips!

In light of recent world events here are some must reads:

Important commentary on the death of Osama Bin Laden.
Beatification of John Paul II.
Modesty coming back in style.
There Be Dragons movie opening this weekend- so important that we flood the theaters (upcoming post from me soon).

I’ll be back soon!


Ahh! Time flies!

Oh dear! Here I was so excited to start this blog project a few weeks ago and here I am staring at the big gaps between posts!

I just started a new job downtown and with the commutes and training the days have been long, but I will soon build a routine and get back to balancing!

 Coming soon will be post on 
  • Projects and updates I've been working on around home
  • Great new finds garage sale-ing and redecorating for Spring/Summer
  • Upcoming summer party plans!
  • Updates on our herb and vegetable gardening endeavors
  • Some more good articles by great writers
  • Hopefully fixing the pages/links on top and updating (movies, readings, etc)
  • Some funny little anecdotes about my new daily commutes to the new job
So until soon, dear readers, I promise!
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