Saving Money

Who doesn't love a bargain?
NEVER pay full price. . . !

This page will be for posting any discounts, coupons/ coupon codes, deals we hear about for anything home, clothing, food, photos, services, etc- related!

Please feel free to post links and share your deals!

Favorite Links:
    • I saved over $20 last time I used a coupon code to order a Land's End Swimsuit AND free shipping!
    • More coupon codes.
    • Before submitting your order, check to see if you can get it shipped for free!
    • For amazing deals every day in your city! Use my referral link pretty please!
    • Go where the deals take you! Last minute travel +
    • Know when to buy or wait based on price fluctuations for flights -what a stress eliminator! AND it doesn't track your trip wish like the other sites- ever notice how the prices just seems to increase with every hour on some sites?
    • Whatever you do, don't buy airfare on. . . these days!
    • Instead, you'll find the best deals on Tuesdays at 3pm ET (just thought you might like to know. . . )
    • Get your IOUs! I found the state of TX owed my dad over $200!
    • No good garage sales or thrift stores by you? No time to look? This is a "nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reusing and keeping good stuff out of landfills." It works through Yahoo Groups and you can score some awesome stuff or get rid of bulky, heavy things without the manlabor! It's great if you're a college student/have sliblings who need to get or get rid of stuff asap! Read how-to.

A Beautiful, Personal Wedding for Pennies:

Decorating a Home for Pennies:

Why and how to garage sale/thrift shop.
  • $ .25 -$1 chairs here and here.
  • $ .50  mini chalkboards.
  • $1-3 candles, hurricanes, lanterns,  frames & decor here and here.
  • $3 bread machine!
  • $1-10 bookshelves, baskets, lamps, chair in our study.
  • $5-10  cabinets to build a pantry.
  • $5 coat rack for the entryway.
  • $10 buffet table turned into an altar.
  • $10 Weber charcoal grill.
  • $5-20 mirror, bookshelves, bedside tables, rocking chair and a vanity here.
  • $20 kitchen table and 4 chairs. + $5 for additional 2.
  • $75 antique writing desk.
  • $75 outdoor patio furniture and new umbrella.
  • $125 for a $3500 Restoration Hardware couch.
  • $165 for a $3350 Sherril loveseat.


  1. Just found out that UD owes me more than $300 at CRAZY!


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