About Me

Hi! I'm Mariana, the author of this blog!

I am a twenty-something-newlywed (well, kind-of but I love that it still feels like it!). I am eager to get back to the best of everyday things and to share my thoughts on the new experiences, insights and of the joy in the ordinary little things. I am loving my first home, a small, 2 bedroom apartment, that I am having fun transforming along with my husband. (Join me on my journey!) I work full-time as a translator/legal clerk and in my spare time (which is very limited now!) love to keep busy with lots of good reading, home projects, garage sale and thrift store shopping, good films, letter writing and trying out new recipes. This blog is a collection of joyous little things that make up my life and of all the good things that I'm learning about. I hope it inspires you to make a bright and cheerful home whether it's in a dorm, apartment or house and would love to hear how!

I chose the title Back to the Best because I want this blog to be a collection of thoughts, ideas, excerpts, etc that reflect just that. Going back to the best of things- to the root of things- to purpose.

In my own personal effort to get back to the best, I want to use this blog to compile food for thought on topics such as:

-home: caring & keeping, projects & reflections on.

-health: since thanks to my husband and his family, I am being so enlightened as to how to truly get back to the best, how it was meant to be.

-faith: that is, of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and tradition
-reading: education never ends- it's such an essential part of our formation as a person. I love to read and want to share some of the good things I come across.

-little things / miscellaneous - since of course, those who know me know I don't always keep to topic and will naturally find random things to talk about. . . that somehow tie in. . . hopefully ;)

I am truly enjoying finding new kindred spirits through this blog! I love that its evolving into a way for us all to share our perspectives on so many things. Please join in on the conversations in the comments sparked by the blog posts- that's where the real excitement and inspiration happen!

I now have some great minds contributing to this blog!

About the contributors:  {coming soon!}



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