Apartment Hunting: Bright, Sunny, 1.5 br!

As we started making our plans to move to the city at the end of the summer more concrete, I jumped at the chance to start looking for our new home.

And so I found the most beautiful, perfect apartment for us to live in. . .

Now let me redefine our new “perfect.”
1- Lots of natural light!  CHECK!
2- At least one extra bedroom. “.5” works. It means it does not have a closet. Actually, in city-terms it means it is a modern-day large walk-in closet. That’s ok! It has a window! Works for us!
3- A bedroom large enough for the basics: bed, vanity, dresser. Must have a window. (2 windows?! double CHECK!)
4- A kitchen. We won’t be picky. We know our current one is a major luxury- even for a house it would be! This will do. (wow. 1/4 of our current one! That’s OK It has a TWO windows AND eat-in space!)
5- A bathroom.  (spacious!)
7- (And actually should be #1) Safety. A beautiful, young and safe neighborhood, 1.5 blocks from a Catholic Church and a park!
MAJOR BROWNIE POINTS: faces WEST! hardwood floors, great colors (just like we painted our current rental!), molding, impeccably clean, great storage (pantry, bedroom closet, and storage through the back door), gas appliances.

NOT-SO-GREAT-BUT-WE’LL-TAKE-IT: laundry not in unit, but shared downstairs, move in date: NOW.
But come-on?! Did you see those pictures?! And these were taken around 7:30 p.m.!
IMG_1877 IMG_1878 
You’d never believe what a find! Well, perhaps now you do! It was the 2nd place I looked at, but the first one Tommy found on padmapper.com (great resource if you’re apartment hunting!). I even (of course) asked if the price was negotiable, and was quoted $100/mo less if we move in July! I think we scored major points being a married couple with law school around the corner (maturity, stability).
I couldn’t stop raving about it to my husband once I looked at it. . . but low, and behold, the afternoon before we had an appointment to see it together and sign the papers. . . our plans suddenly took a major direction change. . .
We are moving. And I don’t mean from the suburbs to the city as planned. We’re now going South! South to Atlaaaa(long A)ta, Geooo(long O)rgia. So goodbye tiny-but-perfectly-gorgeous find! Hellooooo new adventure!

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