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Homemade Hummus

I absolutely LOVE hummus. I only tried it about 2 years ago for the first time!  It has since then become one of my Trader Joe snack weaknesses. I always try to sneak a tub into the shopping cart mostly unsuccessfully because it is a rather expensive treat that hardly lasts one sitting.
In keeping with this whole getting back to the best and basics of life theme I’ve had going and with the help of my trusty cooking source: Cook’s Illustrated, I embarked on the quest.
Um. It takes 5 minutes! It’s the simplest thing ever! It seriously costs pennies! And there are endless easy variations!
I don’t want to get in trouble for reprinting the recipe. . . so here’s a secret link!
Actually, I’ve got five minutes right now. . .


Apartment Hunting: Bright, Sunny, 1.5 br!

As we started making our plans to move to the city at the end of the summer more concrete, I jumped at the chance to start looking for our new home.

And so I found the most beautiful, perfect apartment for us to live in. . .

Now let me redefine our new “perfect.”
1- Lots of natural light!  CHECK!
2- At least one extra bedroom. “.5” works. It means it does not have a closet. Actually, in city-terms it means it is a modern-day large walk-in closet. That’s ok! It has a window! Works for us!
3- A bedroom large enough for the basics: bed, vanity, dresser. Must have a window. (2 windows?! double CHECK!)
4- A kitchen. We won’t be picky. We know our current one is a major luxury- even for a house it would be! This will do. (wow. 1/4 of our current one! That’s OK It has a TWO windows AND eat-in space!)
5- A bathroom.  (spacious!)
7- (And actually should be #1) Safety. A beautiful, young and safe neighborhood, 1.5 blocks from a Catholic Church and a park!
MAJOR BROWNIE POINTS: faces WEST! hardwood floors, great colors (just like we painted our current rental!), molding, impeccably clean, great storage (pantry, bedroom closet, and storage through the back door), gas appliances.

NOT-SO-GREAT-BUT-WE’LL-TAKE-IT: laundry not in unit, but shared downstairs, move in date: NOW.
But come-on?! Did you see those pictures?! And these were taken around 7:30 p.m.!
IMG_1877 IMG_1878 
You’d never believe what a find! Well, perhaps now you do! It was the 2nd place I looked at, but the first one Tommy found on padmapper.com (great resource if you’re apartment hunting!). I even (of course) asked if the price was negotiable, and was quoted $100/mo less if we move in July! I think we scored major points being a married couple with law school around the corner (maturity, stability).
I couldn’t stop raving about it to my husband once I looked at it. . . but low, and behold, the afternoon before we had an appointment to see it together and sign the papers. . . our plans suddenly took a major direction change. . .
We are moving. And I don’t mean from the suburbs to the city as planned. We’re now going South! South to Atlaaaa(long A)ta, Geooo(long O)rgia. So goodbye tiny-but-perfectly-gorgeous find! Hellooooo new adventure!

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